The Melancholy Hour

by Vertigo Steps

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"THE MELANCHOLY HOUR is a great album. It’s musically challenging without sounding bloated, self confident without sounding pretentious. It hits all the right points and maintains its focus throughout the duration. Potentially a sleeper hit of 2010, VS is a band worth becoming familiar with. " Metal Rules

"It is still the melodic lines that these guys come up with that makes this band. More mature, engagingly catchy and sonically superb, VS' The Melancholy Hour is a fine follow up release to a great debut. " Sea of Tranquility

"a cohesive, respectable and mature work of melodic and melancholic rock/metal, with a highly personal touch and a very clear idea of its capacities and musical personality (...) a cohesive whole, surprisingly fresh and varied, more than enough to please fans of Green Carnation and Katatonia (9/10)" Loud!

"The Melancholy Hour" does not spare on catchy melodies and choruses but fortunately there is much more content than that. One is forced to wonder aloud how the band is yet unsigned" Desibeli

"Ultimately, The Melancholy Hour proves that the self-titled album Vertigo Steps wasn't a work of beginner's luck or a momentary flow of creativity. The quality is there. Granted, the singer may be Finnish, but V.S. is one of the most creative Portuguese bands of today. (8.5/10) " Metal Storm

"A música deste segundo álbum é de uma qualidade e consistência deslumbrantes. Ouvir temas como “Inhale”, “Reel World”, “Through Sham Lenses”, “Silentground” e “Burial Light” resulta numa viagem por emoções e experiências fantásticas, tal a intensidade da música de VS." Crónicas do Som Eterno

"Guitarras acústicas, pianos, groove, passagens atmosféricas, momentos introspectivos, subtis elementos electrónicos e até uma ligeira aproximação ao pop são recursos que perfeitamente integrados com passagens muito heavy e batidas fortes fazem deste The Melancholy Hour uma inesquecível experiência sensorial." Via Nocturna

"A produção é superior, mas será, em grande parte, na inteligente malha de arranjos que aqui se verifica que este resulta num disco tão cheio, brioso, versátil e com tanto por descobrir ao longo de incontáveis audições (8,8/10)" Soundzone


released June 30, 2010

Bruno A - all guitars, keys & programming, loops / samples, backing vocals
Niko Mankinen - vocals
Daniel Cardoso - drums, bass, backing vocals

Guest vocals:
Jules Näveri
Stein R Sordal
Daniel Cardoso

Music: Bruno A
Lyrics: Niko Mankinen / Bruno A

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Cardoso @ UltraSound Studios (Moita)
Co-produced by Bruno A
Engineered by Nuno Pardal & Hugo Andrade



all rights reserved


Vertigo Steps Lisboa, Portugal

Portuguese / Finnish project, with several renowned guests from Norway, Finland and Sweden. Melancholy, mesmerizing atmospheres, timeless melodies and heavy rock groove. Third album "surface / light" was out in April 2012 - earning huge media reception! ... more

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Track Name: The Spider & The Weaving
the air is filled with screams
mouth full of silent grief
criminal with false identity
stolen time to pay
darkness swallows the prey
fragments create the entity

Lightless void ahead
bright are the tears that wet
memory of grand undone things

Life was soft creatures
The most precious our everything

All figures standing still never knew
moments of bliss in emptiness...

Life was soft creatures
The most precious our everything
Eyes shining the light of love
laid its name on the floor
Track Name: Vacant Stare
There was a quiet menace
broody and uncanny
shifting in phase
as the stranger walked in the village
half-hidden shade, past ill conceived
say, him’ not from round here
say’ I know I’ve seen that face

saw you there
digging my hole
your smile was wet
your drug untold
saw you there
digging my hole
your smile was wet
your drug untold

swirled through the township
like a Jester in disguise
him’eyes cast an awkward shadow
he surely can’t be right
like a whistler and his gun
(word said) he’d burst away the Sun
cold hands, looking daggers his way

Did anyone care to ask the hermit
Why he chose to cast away ?
His precious vacant stare…
The god they promised failed to show
Shadows cloaking now his soil
Casting away his vacant stare

saw myself leaving
escaping the hole
the smile ran dry
my wind unfold
saw myself leaving
escaping the hole
the smile ran dry
my wind unfold
Track Name: Desperation Lair
The miles against the wind
and left behind things (alone in silence)
backs are turned to fall
No more things to show (no confident calls)
every raindrop watering face
every word spoken with no grace

Face tired of cries
Smiles are disguise
need to hold someone
when there is no one
yesterday slowly fading
yesterdays worth craving.

One single leaf swirling
coloured old needless
Right time came and went
Right words are spent

Vast black soul of death embrace the empty stage
with no lights covered with despair
desperations lair
too dark to get out too narrow slice of light.
one stands still there

yesterday slowly fading
yesterdays worth craving.

the life once bloomed -- vanished
like a smoked cigarette
Night went away but the nightmare continues
stage is there as a skin
with nothing in
Track Name: INhale
break down again
in the face of the world
buried down deep inside
the shell cozy and warm
hiding from the winter
and the spell evil stupid or senseless
from the distance I meet the world
that lies there waiting my mistake

they spit on false idol of others
they kiss the feet of its brother
abandoned light is now gone

flood wipes the streets
(as) wary steps lead to shades
streams of new truth and contempt are embraced

I inhale the slumbers and echoes
all the mistakes the fallen ones carry
I inhale the morning of madness
all the lost forgotten and buried
I inhale revealing secrets
and the drama that lies beyond
I inhale the fall of empires
scattered lifes and start of a new age
Track Name: Silentground
They will make you pay
See that you can’t find your way
Slipping weary from fingers
Breath follows the long sigh
mistakes beyond parallel
all masks wore now thin

As I stumble, evoking not a sound
The crack opens and we kiss the ground so warm
We were stories flying, papers left on the wall
The crack will smile as we embrace the ground so warm

Exhausted from dust of ages
my grimace bleeds with contempt
Lying here idled by will
listen to the whispers of the desert
The light is binding

I devour its entrails
Bewildering solitude
Immersed by movement
A jungle of alienation
Sucking bare the life, so pure?
Track Name: Under Burning Waters
(in the) dreamland of my being
Wastelands, vastlands, dreamplains
A mental blur where pain lives in oneiric shades

Fear and regret is eating me alive
a thousand stabbing knives
Under burning water
I resurrect

A rollercoaster of emotions
Sounds arrive without heed
From every wind, in drops and whispers
Painting canvas in my mind

Have you ever buried the stains?
Try to hide deep enough those remains
Who you were is who you’ll ever be
Spent your whole life crafting a fantasy

Carrying the burden at all times
Stretching limits til’ nothing is
A big black hole
From the inside oblivion one seldom returns

On the perennial downward slope
for self-annihilation
you’ll be pleased to find
everyone is so nice
Track Name: Reel World
I found you
nights were set alight
I’m devouring your shine
and eternal youth

truth is broken rules
pain within raging
keeping in mind
lost momentum
fools still hoping

(no need to hide your secrets)
this defense?
(they will open up all your doors)
As we reach the end
(and they keep speaking when you’re gone
there wont be seen any heroes)
(love that you shone is forgotten)
(no one will stand for you and say)
and need to pretend
(only smiles they fade away)

seeking a way to save you
and keep the flame burning bright
ignoring their eyes and words
will restore your bloom

ever question
your mask of happiness
shade of bare skin
will make you lose it all
when the sleeping pills
no longer work
you hear yourself screaming
Track Name: Through Sham Lenses
heading for tomorrow
a ride until the end
dragging in the evidence
the air comes harder in

welcome me in shades
and spin me round your awe
and what you'll find ain't all nice
what you'll find is raw

forever with your faith
but no one needs forever
a curse that heaven sent
we hold still in thoughts and sweat
I sleep with one eye open
my loneliness and I
I sleep with one eye open
ain't gonna live a lie
...embracing lost youth
...through the sham glass

they said I could not wait for
things not meant to be
but it was not my intention
cause I'm just here for me

welcome me in shades and
spin me round your awe...
Track Name: Red Haze
Dragging by the leash defunct canines
Flies fluttering like vultures in the ash
Our west has died
Its nails settled firm by utopia

The wind is breeding infection
Try your best to keep from breathing
Bodies crave shelter from the heat
Ants outside are closing in

So we lost in a haze
A strange ball where everything surfaced
All broken glass soaring
Grey feathers sailed the stale air

Hand in hand we strolled to the end
Footsteps blurred, a glare in sight
And hearts in sludge
Like windfall down the drain

Saw your face in the flood beneath
I wore my scars for you
Within passion’s dying embers
The feeble quest is no more
Track Name: Burial Light
sound of speech is there
mouth somewhere far away
only silhouettes of faces appear today

steps closer to the crowd
is taking me far away from here
unspoken words hurt the most
and no one there but the ghost