surface / light

by Vertigo Steps

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random media praise (full reviews can be read on the band's website, see link above):

Metal Rules 4/5
Metal Storm 9/10
Loud! 8,5/10
Infernal Masquerade 88/100
Whiplash! 10/10
Heavy Metal Norway 8/10
Misantropia Extrema 5/5
Imperiumi 8/10
Vaskarc 9,9/10
Metal Imperium 8,1/10
This Is Not A Scene 8/10
Noise fi 4/5
Soundzone 8/10
Infektion 8/10
The Bronze Age 86/100
MPF 9,5/10
Fémforgács 8,8/10


released April 16, 2012

Bruno A - all guitars, keys & programming, loops & samples
Niko Mankinen - vocals
Daniel Cardoso - drums, bass

Guest vocals:
Jan Transit
Stein R Sordal
Patrik Karlsson

Music: Bruno A
Lyrics: Niko Mankinen, except "railroads of life", "tonight I died", "nothing at all" & "the porcupine dilemma"

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Cardoso @ UltraSound Studios (Moita)
Co-produced by Bruno A
Engineered by Nuno Pardal

Artwork & Photography by João Pinheiro
Videoclip for "someone (like you)" by Sigurd Svidal Randal



all rights reserved


Vertigo Steps Lisboa, Portugal

Portuguese / Finnish project, with several renowned guests from Norway, Finland and Sweden. Melancholy, mesmerizing atmospheres, timeless melodies and heavy rock groove. Third album "surface / light" was out in April 2012 - earning huge media reception! ... more

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Track Name: the hollow
call of tomorrow
revelations here today
falls the unwanted truth
fails conspiracy.

i know you'll try to save me
they all want to protect me
i can see you'd like to be special
i know i'm trying

i know you’ll fail as saviour
they just want to destroy me
in the end you'd wished you'd saved me
you know i'm dying

cold. end of innocence
found the one
home for your heart?
see yourself in them
the ones you condemned
deny the strife
to define your life
Track Name: silent bliss
a sigh wouldn’t be sold
attractions too weak
feathers, creamfilled dreams and some more
gray forever gone

now behold this burlesque play
virtue of yesterday
sealed in a box as a curiosity
the stage is everywhere
audiences elated
inconvenience, an unknown concept

preacher blesses us and smiles as he goes
to heal the broken souls
letters - images from above
freedom and peace…

all is opened up for our eyes
none of us is free otherwise
declares the insolent ruler
secrets and lies to see
tomb of the truth again breathe
things we don't know about is impossibility

I fall into a sleep to find the rapture
silence is a bliss
I close my eyes to find and free the captured
the beauty in white

(I fall into the arms of sweet denial
silence's a bliss)
Track Name: railroads of life
fragile thing
on fragile wings
(silent song
won't be long)
lend me tears
of foreign years

take me down
to your lounge

and let me kiss
our bliss
and take me down
to your lounge

yes it is
is it not?

lend me tears
of foreign years
take me down
to your lounge

this is zero, so zero it can’t be right
this is zero, it can’t go down
Track Name: tonight I died, tomorrow I'll live
welcome to my hell, I travel alone in fear
a soul trapped in plague, what have I done?
a mournful world, sad and divine
I regret this life, I despise myself

when I go into my world I see my demon
hell, welcome

pain is wonderful
you feel alive in the end
my life has gone too far
standing on the edge of…

the life I’ll never live
I died tonight
in loneliness and fearfulness
welcome, welcome, welcome
to my hell
I will live in divine with my demon
(inside my hell)
Track Name: doppler defect
and the Fall is here again
a blink of an eye
I was unbroken inside
intruders sneaking in
we were happy fools

oh we're falling again
oh we're falling for good

the harder i try to make you see the right
more into night we're diving every breath we're takin’
we inhale the bad and obscure air around us
and the consequences of this day...?

again comes the cold and sorrow
all the heavy storms to bury our words in days of vigour
in the dark month bright ahead
joy and laughter sleep
and fade away the memory of life

we were happy fools
oh we ‘re falling again
oh we ‘re falling for good
Track Name: disappear here
still we fall apart
receding waters
empty yards
empty our hearts
(redemption or deception of man)

dreams lingering, lingering
separated memories

call the days of old
intoxicate by the fumes of past

hands out of reach
weight of the word is gone
two hearts two minds
too late to bind
(will is bending,
integrating to Earth)

dreams lingering, lingering
separated memories

call the days of old
intoxicate by the fumes of past
call the warmth and love
infiltrated pain that lasts
Track Name: helsinki
jäljet jäätyneet on
tiehen joka oli loputon
taas kun kohti aamua kuljet

later now, shorter steps
something else to forget
glimpse of bitter regret

dawn, still I feel
leaving felt so easy
unmistakable thoughts flying
of the road, of the way, of the neverending day
innocence in the air
suddenly blown away

later now, shorter steps
something else to forget
glimpse of bitter regret

later now shadows grow
end of it all still unknown
figures stand all alone
long for home

something on our way
fatal, collapse so easy
and the plan we spoke about, dying
their words and their names it's a neverending game
color of love still change
(and the change is common state)

the distant calling of siren of sadness
one didn’t turn away at all
they all went and seemed to regret
everything they had
and the song of their days abate now
crumbling consistency
and smiles return one day?

those you were waiting for are long gone
sorrow they gave and no hope
sickness: prevailing belief
spectrum of emotions
sadness, blind hate and forgiveness
cool breeze after the flames
the stream goes on
and yet new dawn
Track Name: someone (like you)
far and so unfamiliar
you are
years - oldest are tainted
- we've been apart

once i was sure I knew you
I only knew someone like you

someone like you…
someone like you…
someone like you…
Track Name: zeppelin on fire
one for the lady we are pouring
saying hello for dearest mother of all
tonight love died and our will to live on
(we fall)

follows fear and this sorrow
our days in the silence are gone
the war begins tonight.

became a day when love was no longer
on our side and unity the only word to despise
they have won, day has come for us to move on
(they won, day has come)
Track Name: schadenfreude
I had to take part...
Track Name: the porcupine dilemma
we are all our memories
that float around like ghosts
our mistakes carved ever so deep
haunting reminders of human frailty

failures beyond grasp
our innuendos of fear
merge with escapist fantasies
of milder, grief struck still-lifes

etched firmly within ourselves
turning nightmares into daybreak
dreaming the shine of reality
tiny shards of light

Once the storm has set
only bent eyes remain
this inner evil laughs
charred knees laid to rest

winds caress iced faces
frowned with harvest of ages
wearing the streets ‘breath
the mischievous night, its bottomless flair