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by Vertigo Steps

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"Discovery of the month! What a peerless debut! A disarming occlusion of a musical year" Lords of Metal

"a pretty ambitious debut that achieves all it sets out to, and then some. Everything is touched upon here, with the band retaining a unique identity" Avantgarde Metal

"Dark yet not quite sinister, VS are on the verge of brilliance" The Metal Forge

"lovely album of Dark Progressive Metal which could be associated to the last Katatonia releases for example... a great start definitely!" Metal Storm

"With an excellent sounding CD, it is hard to believe that this band is not an actual signed recording act. VS are THAT good and they won't be unsigned for long." Sea of Tranquillity

"Writing all the music and handling the guitars and keyboard, Bruno’s talent is impressive... the songwriting very solid and the vocal performance of N. Mankinen very cool" Metal Rules

"it went to my brain as a uranium bullet leaving just steming brain cells. VS isn't the kind of music you can categorize easily with a word or two. I liked it, a lot" Imperiumi

"Instead we are left with what should be a glimpse into a realm where the music has "feeling", instead of being soullessly blurted out at you through your speakers" Chronicles of Chaos

"A exigência de Bruno resultou em um trabalho bem elegante e emocional. Há uma linha melancólica que mantém a coesão e voz do finlandês Niko Mankinen é muito bonita e complementa perfeitamente a proposta" Whiplash

"um dos melhores discos que o metal/rock de combustão emotiva viu aparecer nos últimos tempos!" Loud!


released June 1, 2008

Music & Lyrics: Bruno A

Bruno A - all guitars, loops & programming, keys & samples
Niko Mankinen - vocals
Daniel Cardoso - drums, backing vocals
Alexandre Ribeiro - fretless bass

Guest vocals:
Stein R Sordal
Rui Viegas & André Vasconcelos

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Cardoso @UltraSound Studios (Braga)
Co-produced by Bruno A
Engineered by Pedro Mendes



all rights reserved


Vertigo Steps Lisboa, Portugal

Portuguese / Finnish project, with several renowned guests from Norway, Finland and Sweden. Melancholy, mesmerizing atmospheres, timeless melodies and heavy rock groove. Third album "surface / light" was out in April 2012 - earning huge media reception! ... more

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Track Name: Vultures in My Dying Bed
Negative, negative
So what you’re trying to say?
Supposed to get past your
Sour-hollow mind anyway

As inertia creeps, the hypocritical weeps
Someone’s (for)got to tell you
It’s the climb, no matter the fall

Dehydrate, loosen the uptight grin
And it’s hurting my sight… soaking my lungs!

A spiral of pain and freedom
What I give to you…
For all the vultures at my dying bed

Uh, is the sky caving in already?
Ok, breathe, keep steady!
Damned lightbulb’s flashing again
but the flies already departed
Another crazed wanderer
lost amidst all this eerie void

All you Pretenders to the Bone
Spent life believing an essential lie
Without even ever questioning…why?
Welcome, please take a ride in my world.
Kiss the comatose, pave the delirium
All set now, embrace the disease.
Track Name: The Swarming Process
Voyagers of extinction
Gathering for Armageddon
We reach the closing act
The carpet swiftly swept away

Blindfolded, fettered, hand in hand
Feet hooked, bound in iron chains
Babylon’s vision – so the Empires Fall
(The skies they mourn – Elegies wailed by winds)

As we drift under the swarming process
Our heads roll in thunder, is this all that’s left?

A prophecy of hatred
By terrestrials (was) sown
The library of Pain
Only mankind could pen

…And it’s getting close now
Grip tight your terminal scenery
The Sun hid, the tides swollen
Wave farewell in pointless decadence

No space for hesitation
No room for resignation
Watched you hide your unborn sprouts
In the ever-changing house of dolls

You’re All so Goddamn Vulnerable
All so Goddamn Vulnerable…
Track Name: Fire Eaters
Drifting through misery
One day I sought my way
Please trust my fair clear hand
Leading you each step nearer the mire

Walking among us are
The Fire Eaters, beggars fallen
Walking among us are
The Fire Eaters, beggars fallen
The whore and the fool applaud.

What eventually I found
Did not make sense to me
With the whole wide world to drown
Immersed in apathy

And it was so long ago
The pain yes she stayed
All are welcome in this killing field
(Jesus crying where Allah wept
Empty capsules on swollen egos…
The neverending stream of bygone faces)

Shove it down on my funeral
Sirens screaming that name
The plot is thickening
At the ticking of the clock

No need to fake the disease
I can see it already spreading
A spectator of your own remission
By the ticking of the clock
Track Name: Serpent's Irony
Open your eyes, wide, keep them open
Reach for the clouds, mistery’s pilgrins
Down above convulses the world
Where an impregnable mountain stood,
now a gargantuan valley deepens
oh deepens…

In dreamland freedom exists
Divorcing all matter
Never to awaken
Feigning utopias

Disintegrating bodies and the law of Life
Opposition by intuition
Always the one in reverse
The sounds eternally unheard,
The untamed moonshine,
But dreams, everlasting

Inside the fevered pitch
Lays the Serpent’s Irony
A battle never lost
Serpent’s Irony
Deep inside the fevered pitch
Lays the Serpent’s Irony
A battle never lost
Serpent’s Irony

Pitch black absolute
Incarnation of the Nothing
Bright morning star
Is spawning major upheaval
The first light is no more than
the visible darkness
Stars as the forsaken Abyss children

The truth through deceit
(allegory and myth) a tainted reality
Cast out of Creation
A memory long forgotten
Track Name: Scarheart
Where did the battered egos flee to?
Forever pushing the sanity envelope
You gave us new hope each morrow
Still locked us pitch dark at the end of the day


And I think you know
Better than the rest
Just what’s this show
No time to rest

From all bleak roads and empty charades
Mirrored footprints leading astray
A mind not deemed for this world
Numb glimpses of random hollowness

Coz’ you see
Life is always the saddest of pictures
As we exude, seeking strength
Where only weakness proudly stands
A scarheart through the never
Bipolar contradictions
or a sad excuse for a brain
An angel with the soul of a poet
A demon within the madman’s cloak
Track Name: The Gruesome Smile
(The wound is never too deep…
I hate your gruesome smile…)

Blood spraying like rain
Bodies drop without pain
It’s never real, it’s all firework flair
Hack the pregnant bitch, erase the senseless cop

If I should carry the breath of death
Every soul in the room would withdraw

The wound is never too deep…
I hate your gruesome smile…

There is always something lurking
in the corners of your mind
in the steepness of your kind
the girl with the stabwounds behind

Limbs flying to shame
Though hardly yielding to operating morality
The wound is never too deep
Yet somehow I loathe your gruesome smile

We were all left standing cold
They came and set free the flies
On our own through the never
Another descent of earth dies

It’s all so hip, all so bloody gore
Now haven’t I seen that a thousand times before?
It’s all too hip, so goddamn gore
Not ogrish enuff, hell we need more!

- Human salvation in the barrel of a plastic gun.
Track Name: I of the Storm
The deafening sound
Of the raging tempest
Is music to my ears
And fuel for my soul
The quietness it instils in me
And the harmony of it all
Raise me above the ripples
Of meaningless existences
(raise me above…)

In the eye of the storm
…All this chaos makes sense
All notes ring true
…Awash with sensations intense
Though the entire world rages
…Barren of mirth and warmth
I give you the unravelling of ages
…For I’m the I of the storm

Sorrow is a part of me
I welcome and embrace it
For while (all) the world is torn apart
I grow stronger... wiser.
These concrete forest of grey
(That) surround and suffocate us
Are all crumbling down
‘neath the awing power of the storm…

Oceanos de fúria
Rasgam o tempo
Almas em lamúria
Carregam nuas o pensamento
(... no centro da tempestade)

Empunho os ventos
Enceno a majestosidade
No turbilhão encontro refúgio
No centro da tempestade
(... no olho da tempestade)
Track Name: Synapse
Love cannot be trusted
You will not find me here
No, love cannot be trusted
I am a million pieces

Your fingers are all crumbled
Your face has turned to stone

Tears of agony
is all you left for me, I know
Define my reason...

Let me grow
Let me grow
Let me know
My soul is just a fleshwound
Let me grow

Take my heart out
Rip my soul off
Take my heart out
Only you know